I have to open this journal post by saying that there is definitely a distinction between a wedding filmmaker and a wedding videographer. While, yes you can find the phrases "wedding videography/wedding videographer" associated with Schoenfilms, I truly define myself as a wedding filmmaker. Wedding filmmaking is the craft; wedding videography is the job. I believe the experience is way more than just having you sign the contract, having me show up for your big day to film it, and then having me edit and deliver it. My goal is to tell your love story while also documenting the highlights of your special day.

So why should you hire a wedding filmmaker?

1. A wedding filmmaker knows how to capture the moments that tell your love story.

A wedding filmmaker knows how to capture those moments that you'd never expect would elicit such emotions for you. The smiles of your bridal party when you step into your gown and they see you for the first time. Or the way that your significant other looks at you during your first look. There are many priceless moments and if you do not have someone who knows how to look out for those special moments and compose them beautifully, then the essence of the story you want told in your film may be lost.

2. The experience is just as important as the wedding film.

I don't just focus on the film-- I focus on you as a couple and understand the things that are important to you. I personally value making connections with my couples because the more that I know about you, the better of a film that I can make. It is important for me to know how much you value your family among many other things that are key in telling your story. By hiring a filmmaker, they are conscientious of how to incorporate all of those key moments and make your film a one-of-a-kind piece.

3. There is a dimensionality to a wedding film that photos cannot capture.

While photos can capture still moments in time, a film can capture those raw and intimate moments while you're living through them in motion. There is definitely something to be said about that. You will get to hear the words from your toasts and the vows that were spoken over and over again. I recently read somewhere that when brides recalled what their biggest regrets are for their wedding day, one of the most consistent answers is not getting a wedding film. Don't be one of those brides!

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