Hello, I'm Alex

      A fine art wedding cinematographer serving the Washington D.C. and surrounding areas, as well as destinations worldwide. I specialize in preserving your cherished wedding memories as token heirlooms through fine art cinematic storytelling and a couple-centric approach.

      I believe in...

      I believe in...

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      Providing you with an excellent experience from start to finish.

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      Showing, not just telling your love story by capturing authentic moments with an artistic eye.

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      Leaving you with a film that evokes nostalgic memories to last a lifetime.

      You are the perfect couple if...

      It's about your marriage

      You'll be hosting a stunning celebration, but you plan on having a marriage that's far more beautiful than the wedding!

      ... but It's also about the Hefeweizen in Munich

      You both share in your travels in relation to epic culinary experiences-- whether you travel to breweries/wineries or dine at some of the neatest cafes in the world!

      When it comes to weddings, you prefer tradition

      You are looking forward to the wedding day traditions and can't wait to take part in them!

      She has a caring heart

      You believe in thoughtfulness, hugs, hand-written notes, and kindness!

      He's emotional

      ... whether he cares to admit it, that's a whole different story.

      You're Best Friends

      No matter what, you'll always choose to spend more time with each other!

      You're keeping things elegant

      Your everyday style is trendy, but when it comes to planning your wedding, you're keeping it timeless and more on the elegant side.

      You're awesome hosts

      You'll be sure that your wedding is the best it can be for your friends and family. It's your biggest priority to spoil your guests!


      All-Inclusive Wedding Day Storytelling

      The experience is just as much about the journey as it is the destination. When booking a wedding collection with Schoenfilms, you are investing in the tangible memories of the ones you care about most.

      Schoenfilms means beautiful films.

      Let's get things started! Just fill out the contact form to tell me more about you and your plans for the big day! My favorite part about the whole process is developing relationships with my brides & grooms. So send me a note and we'll start chatting soon! I can't wait to meet you!

      Collections begin at $5800.

      Based in Maryland