Over the years, I've been asked about the origin of Schoenfilms. You should know that it has a fascinating backstory. Just as every couple has a love story that I tell through my films, my business has an intriguing story of its own. It definitely deserves to be on the forefront of my blog and a very fitting first journal topic. So I will share with you why I create films under the name of Schoenfilms and its significance to me.

Over the years, unfortunately, it has been misspelled on publications and sometimes even mispronounced (but I totally get that). And yes, Schoenfilms is all one word. No space. But the reason why it is all one word will be explained as we go.

Schoenfilms has a few different meanings to me.

1. It incorporates my name.

Schoenfilms includes half of my last name (Schoenstadt) combined with the word films. My name is directly associated with it. People commonly tie their name into their business and that was incredibly convenient in my case. In the beginning, I was not satisfied with just using my first and last name with the word productions or films slapped on it. I wanted to make it more interesting. Anyone who knows me well knows that in everything I do in life, I like to make things more interesting.

2. Schoen is a German word for beautiful.

Technically, if I really wanted to be proper, schön is said more gutterally in the masculine sound the language possesses. So when you see or hear the name Schoenfilms, it means "beautiful films". I will say, however, that the grammar isn't perfect. I would have had to name myself "schoenenfilmen" for that to be true. Talk about a mouthful! The reason it is all one word is because in German, a good portion of their nouns are created by sandwiching multiple words together in one to describe what the item is. For example, the second half of my last name, Stadt, means city or town in German. So in this case, it made sense to apply that concept to my business name. Because I offer "beautifulfilms". See, that looks wrong in English, but in German, that is an acceptable form as long as it is dictated as such in dictionaries.

3. I have an interest in German culture and travel.

I have been intrigued by the German culture and language for as long as I can remember. I studied German for five years while I was in middle and high school starting from basics up to the AP college level course. To add to this, my families have descendants from Germany. So my last name is a very German last name, I have family roots there, and I have a passion for the language. My husband and I took our first anniversary vacation to Munich and Frankfurt. The highlight is that we saw the Neuschwanstein Castle (I took the picture above on a very foggy and rainy day), the castle that inspired the architecture of the Cinderella Castle in Disney theme parks! A very romantic and stunning backdrop! If you've never been, do it! It's an incredible architectural wonder especially for its time!

But I digress.

When I went to one of my first bridal shows, there was a DJ who when he said my business name out loud, he took a brief pause. He said right after it, "beautiful films in German". He connected the dots and knew what the name meant. Guys: he spoke to it and I didn't even tell him to say that and heck, I don't explain it unless someone asks. I had just met the gentleman that day, but he understood my message. That was an incredibly powerful moment to me. I had many times considered changing the business name. I always wondered if people got confused by me or what I stood for. But that moment was when I knew that my name actually does speak to people. A few short months later, I had a couple book me because my business name spoke to them too! How cool is that?

And there you have it. The story of Schoenfilms.

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